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Osprzęt lakierniczy WAGNER
Osprzęt lakierniczy WAGNER

The company specializes in wet painting of plastic elements (PBT, ABS, ASA, PC, PA, PBT, PP) and other materials (steel, aluminum) that need to meet high aesthetic requirements. We also offer pad printing on small elements.

We offer painting services on two types of lines: automatic and manual.

Projects with higher volumes are painted on our automatic line – six-axes painting robot made by Fanuc. Thanks to establishing stable conditions for painting processes that can be programmed and repeated whenever needed, we can guarantee the highest and repeatable quality of our services. On this line there is also a possibility to use water-based paints.

Painting robot FANUC

An automatic painting line is equipped with a painting robot FANUC, fully air-conditioned and closed painting chamber and a tunnel for drying (with temperature and humidity regulators). Everything is connected by a power&free conveyor made by Caldan.

For smaller projects or nonstandard shapes, we use two-station chambers designed for manual painting.

Colors and finishes


The BiT company has existed and been constantly developing since 2002. We have gained experience and expertise in one, two and three-layer painting with a metallic, soft, rubber and many other finishes. Our company paints components for top producers of small and large household equipment, electric and medical accessories.

Our company uses painting materials from the leading European producers – Peter Lacke, Akzo Nobel, Alma Color, Lechler and others. We have established cooperation with the laboratories of these producers in order to be able to select painting materials that will meet even the most sophisticated expectations of our clients. Moreover, the company uses equipment made only by the renowned producers IWATA and KREMLIN to ensure high standards of painting application.

Our company is a family-owned business that has stable and experienced staff. Our commitment is valued by our clients who perceive us as a safe and reliable business partner.

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New investments

We have started a project (UE co-financed) called “The purchase of a painting line with software and the expansion of a production hall in Ostroróg in order to implement innovative painting technology”.

The aim of this project is to implement innovative painting services on the basis of R&D research and also to build a production hall, purchase a painting line and programming software. The new line will be fully automated with IR and UV lamps. This line will be perfect for elements in shapes similar to rollers (for example bottle caps, knobs and other small elements that need to rotate during painting).

We plan to combine two processes – UV coatings and sputtering (metallization) – in order to achieve very hard and resistant mirror coatings. The processes are automated, with dedicated software that will make it possible to repeat each cycle with the same parameters and control each aspect of production.

This line will also make it possible to implement the results of our R&D research and revolutionalize the conventional painting.

The main goal of this project is to increase the competetiveness of the BIT company on polish and international market. This project is co-financed by the European Union: 873 000 PLN.

Dofinansowanie z Funduszy Europejskich

We plan to complete the installation of this line in the middle of 2020. Now we are selecting projects that will be implemented into production on this line – high volumes, preferrably small elements similar to caps, knobs, rollers etc.

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Quality certificate

In March 2009 our company earned International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 9001:2008 certification. It has been later changed to 9001:2015. It shows that the BiT company strives to meet requirements of its clients regarding high quality of its services. Our company achieves this goal through proper work organization, constant strive for perfection and adequate and detailed planning of the production process and management.

ISO 9001:2015

Location of our plant

Our painting shop is located in Ostrorog (c.a. 40 km from Poznan).

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