Colours and finishes

Colours and finishes

We have gained experience in one, two and three layer coating with different finishes – e.g. metallic, soft touch, rubber, gloss, texture/structure finish and others. Below you can find examples of different finishes.

Velvet finishes – soft touch and rubber

We apply these coatings on a daily basis – these are one the most significant projects that we have. We achieve velvet finishes after one or two layer painting, depending on the type of plastics or a chosen color. For these purposes we use colourless or coloured paints, made for us by the laboratories of leading paint producers.

Metallic grain – different size and density

The metallic finish is one of the most widely used coatings, therefore we have a variety of paints on stock that we can use for new project. The density and size of this grain can be also customized for our clients.

Metallizing – reflective mirror finish

In 2017 we started a project called “Implementing innovative technology of physical vapor deposition vacuum process used to deposit thin metal film on polymer surface”. This technology uses a method called sputtering to metallize plastics (e.g. ABS, ASA, PBT, PA6 and others) with different metals (e.g. gold, silver, titan, chrome, silicon, aluminum) and their compounds.

Now we are able to apply high reflectivity mirror coatings  – this technology is perfect for metallizing glass, metals and plastics, especially for automotive reflectors or decorative elements, including lamps.

In 2020 we are going to widen our range of services – we are introducing UV coatings, applied on a fully automated painting line, ideal for cosmetics branch.
You can find more information about it here —> Lakierowanie UV

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More information about sputtering can be found here —> Sputtering

Different levels of gloss

One of the most difficult finishes is the glossy one. For this kind of projects a sterile closed painting chamber is a must. The client needs to also deliver high quality elements, as each scratch or defect on a raw element is still visible after the painting.

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Colours and finishes for household equipment – inox and silver

Most of our clients produce household equipment. On a daily basis we use paints in inox and silver colour.

Texture / structure finish – rough to the touch

For producers of heating devices and buses for public transport (no photos due to NDA agreement) we use texture / structure finish that is rough to the touch. This type of finish helps to hide defects of raw elements (e.g. scratches present before the painting process).

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We adjust colours and finishes of the paint to the pattern sent by our client or to specified RAL colours. In cooperation with laboratories of top paint producers, we are able to match exact requirements of our clients.

Painting aluminum and steel

We offer painting services mainly on plastics, but a few percent of our clients ask for decorative painting also on elements made of aluminum and steel. Some examples of this kind of projects are shown below.