Manual lines

Manual lines

kabina lakiernicza, lakierowanie tworzyw BiT, lakiernictwo natryskowe, linia manualna
Two-station closed painting chamber for manual painting.

Projects with lower MOQ and elements with non standard shapes are painted in two-station chambers designed for manual painting.

Nakładanie i zdejmowanie detali w procesie lakierniczym, lakierowanie natryskowe tworzyw BiTThe elements are painted manually by our experienced workers – each shift is assigned to their projects so that we can offer repeatable quality and finish. This line is equipped with an automated conveyor, closed painting chambers and closed drying tunnel.

We can offer one, two or three layers and different finishes. More information about types of finishes and colours can be found here:  Colours and finishes

Each year we paint more that 7 mln elements – on both manual and automated lines. Most of of clients produce household equipment, medical and electric accessories.

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