Painting robot

Painting robot

We specialize in painting for business clients – projects with high volumes (e.g. 13 000 knobs per one shift). Most of of clients produce household equipment, medical and electric accessories. Each year we paint more that 7 mln elements – on both manual and automated lines.

The automated line is equipped with a six-axes painting robot made by a renowned company Fanuc. We can guarantee stable conditions during the painting process (air-conditioned closed chamber, regulators of humidity, deionizing devices). There is also minimum human interference and well-designed and customised tools for each project. All these factors make the process repeatable. On the automated line there is also a possibility to use water-based paints.

Robot lakierniczy FANUC, linia automatyczna, lakierowanie natryskowe tworzyw, lakiernia BiT
Painting robot – FANUC

You are welcome to visit us and to see the gallery of painted elements.    Colours and finishes – examples

The automated line is also eqipped with a closed drying tunnel with the regulators of temperature and humidity and a system called  ATE System Simple Paint to clear the air and guarantee high quality of the painting process. Everything on the automated line is combined by a power & free conveyor made by Caldan. 

This investment was co-financed by the EU. The total cost sums up to 2 639 676,09 PLN.

innowacyjna gospodarka robot lakierniczy lakierowanie tworzyw BiT
Purchase of the painting robot – the programme “Innovative Economy”.